Perfecting Perfection,
A Journey To Excellence.

Cheetham Salt Limited was founded by Richard Cheetham in 1888 in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. After initial clearing of land, the production of salt commenced in 1894 and the company began operations under the name of Richard Cheetham & Company.

With a passion for growth and as a result of increased demand, the company expanded its production within Victoria into South Australia and Queensland. In 1903, the company changed its name to "The Cheetham Salt Proprietary Limited".

Over the next 80 years Cheetham established agreements with a number of salt producers and operators within South Australia and Queensland. In 1992 Ridley Corporation Ltd acquired Cheetham Salt Limited.

Committed to growth and expansion, Cheetham Salt acquired 50% share of Dominion Salt in New Zealand and established an office in Indonesia and Japan as part of Cheetham Salt's international growth strategy.

In 2013 Ridley Corporation Ltd sold Cheetham Salt to CK Life Sciences Int'l., (Holdings) Inc. Cheetham Salt is proud to play an integral role in Australian manufacturing. Considered the industry benchmark for salt consistency and quality, we continue to be the premier provider of value-added solar salt.